Cultivation and storage are parts of the potato chain in Emmeloord.

What is the reason that is so well organised here?


This is due, for example, to the good quality clay soil, the cultivators’ knowledge and years of experience, the infrastructure and companies established in the polder who specialise in trade, mechanisation, storage techniques, palletisers, sorting sheds and machines to store potatoes and onions. This mix has transformed Emmeloord into the World Potato City.

Most of the seed potatoes in the Netherlands are grown in the Noordoostpolder:

Noordoostpolder 7038 ha
Hollands Kroon 4092 ha
Eemsmond 2677 ha
De Marne 2525 ha
Dongeradeel 1401 ha
Het Bildt 1253 ha
Loppersum 1231 ha
Terneuzen 1166 ha
Steenbergen 1154 ha
Dronten 1013 ha


The plots of land and the infrastructure in the Emmeloord area have been unique for the past fifty years. In terms of cultivation and product storage experience, the sector has been leading the field for the same length of time. So it’s not surprising that the rest of the world comes here to gain knowledge about storage, for example. 95 percent of the crops in this area are placed in storage facilities in this county.