Innovation and education


The Emmeloord region is a world leader in potato cultivation and we would like to hold on to this leading position. That is why we invest a great deal in knowledge and education. We also host a lot of trade delegations, visits of ambassadors and off course (inter)national business partners to show the potato value chain and our knowledge of potatoes.

Potato Business School Emmeloord

The local companies in the potato chain have joined forces in the PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord to share their knowledge with you. In this unique concept everyone interested in the potato can follow the tailor-made practical courses in the fields of variety selection, (seed) quality management, fertilization, crop protection, mechanization, storage and farm management.

The teachers are all employees of the participating companies, so the knowledge is practice-driven. There are 2 courses a year, in June and September. An extra course is possible with a minimum of 12 people. More information on and on their Facebook-page



World Potato City enables us to promote innovation in order to maintain our knowledge advantage over the rest of the world.

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