Geersing Potatoes Emmeloord

Geersing Potato Specialist is a trading company from Emmeloord that deals with developing potato varieties and the sale of seed potatoes.


Geersing Potato Specialist has years of accumulated knowledge in developing potato varieties and crop protection.

More varieties

Besides the shareholding in the Dutch branch of Caithness, Geersing Potatoes B.V. continues its breeding activities to follow up on the success of Marcelle. The other growers in the Netherlands and the UK have not been idle either. They have added the Divaa and Marvel chip varieties and the phytophthora resistant Cammeo to their list of breeds.

Geersing Potato Specialist B.V.

The activities of trading subsidiary Caithness Potatoes B.V. will be continued by Jan-Eric in 2019 entirely independently in a new B.V., named Geersing Potato Specialist. He will further concentrate on developing varieties with previously acquired knowledge and relationship network.