LTO noord logo

LTO Noord is the association of and for agricultural entrepreneurs. An active association that develops and innovates along with the agricultural entrepreneurs. As a representative of the interests of the agricultural sector, LTO Noord forms the link between its members, the government, society and the business community.

We make what the sector does and means more visible
We will build on our strengths and act proactively. We will work more actively on influencing public opinion. We focus on the awareness of people in our immediate surroundings. We will also shift the emphasis from general, collective influencing to influencing on behalf of and with specific groups of entrepreneurs. In other words, more tailor-made!

Strategic cooperation in advocacy
We are changing from an agricultural organisation to a network organisation. We will make contacts with more and other parties around us and show what our added value is. We are looking for strategic cooperation with chain parties and are more often entering into occasional coalitions to be able to represent interests properly.

Committing us to every farmer
For the ‘traditional’ producers, the companies provide services to others based on their agricultural background. We make ourselves strong for all members, and that may be seen!


Creating appealing visions with members
We involve members in the development of area visions. This results in a concise and realistic vision that clearly shows what LTO Noord stands for. With clear choices and boundaries. A vision that appeals, connects and invites people to join us.

More flexibility in membership
LTO Noord will continue to offer its members a total package of information, knowledge, influence, social networks and financial purchasing advantages. However, we are introducing more flexibility into the organisation’s membership. Think of arrangements for entrepreneurs who want to join us and unite for upcoming, young entrepreneurs.

Involving members more directly
We are going to approach and involve members much more directly. Via LTO Noord’s Digital Platform, social media and a new Members’ Panel, we will be able to gauge opinions, collect input, provide feedback and explain our decisions