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``Talk about potatoes``

Potato City


Within the potato chain, Emmeloord is world famous as the World Potato City. But in order to maintain our knowledge advantage and to keep young people interested in this sector, structural collaboration is necessary.

That is what the Agrofoodcluster wants to achieve with the World Potato City. Parties within the potato chain will be brought together here to share their experience and knowledge. In this way, a solid group will be formed that will enjoy recognition both nationally and internationally.

Popular propagation material


The Netherlands is number one worldwide when it comes to potato cultivation. Of all the potatoes that are traded globally, at least 60 percent are of Dutch origin. And the Noordoostpolder is the largest potato municipality with 6,902 hectares of seed potatoes and 2,857 hectares of ware potatoes.



The potatoes produced from the propagation material are ultimately used for consumption or are industrially processed into crisps, chips and other products. Potato trading houses established in the polder have built up a worldwide sales network with their own and freely tradable varieties.