The Netherlands is number one worldwide when it comes to potato cultivation. Of all the potatoes traded globally, at least 60 percent are of Dutch origin. And the Noordoostpolder, with Emmeloord as his capital, is the largest potato municipality in the Netherlands with 7,313 hectares of seed potatoes and 2,857 hectares of ware potatoes. 
Potato trading houses located in the polder have built up a worldwide sales network with their own and freely tradable varieties.


one stop shop

The potato sector in Emmeloord is highly valued internationally. Cultivators from all over the world acquire not only their stock material, knowledge and expertise about cultivation, but also ‘hardware’ in the form of storage techniques and all kinds of machines.

Emmeloord is world-famous as the World Potato City, within the potato chain,, the “Silicon Valley” of potatoes. Please take a look at our website to discover it yourself!

the potato chain

Nowhere is the potato chain as clear as in World Potato City Emmeloord. Potato trading houses, sorting and storage technology, storage, palletizing and processing, can all be found at the companies located in and around Emmeloord. Their expertise extends all over the world and they deliver custom work on every continent, in every country, in every place.

projects worldwide

Our potato professionals are active all over the world. Whether it concerns sorting technology, installations, potato concepts for consumers, logistics and handling, our potato professionals have an answer to any question. Feel free to take a look at the various projects