The Dutch potato chain is a global leader. We would like to maintain that leading position. That is why we invest a lot in knowledge and education in World Potato City Emmeloord. We also receive trade delegations, ambassadors and, of course, (inter)national customers to show the potato chain and our potato knowledge.

Would you like to retrain yourself in potato cultivation?

Via the website we make cultivation and storage knowledge accessible by means of E-learning modules.

Getting taught by potato professionals in World Potato City Emmeloord?

Then visit the Potato Business School! Companies from the entire potato chain joined forces years ago and founded the Potato Business School Emmeloord. In this unique concept, anyone who works or wants to work in the potato business can gain knowledge about the entire potato chain in 4 days. The lessons are taught by employees of the companies, i.e. by potato professionals from the field. There are 2 courses per year as a standard; an extra course can be arranged with a minimum of 12 registrations. 

If we can do something for you, please contact us.